Bird Cages

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I bought many bird cages a few years ago and didn't have any place for them, so I put them on top of my cupboards.
It took a few days for my husband to notice them, he is like that, if he doesn't trip over it, he won't notice.
A new dress or different hair cut can wait for days until I mention it, then it is like oh, wow!             
I'm not complaining, my hobby has gotten way out of hand and he doesn't mind, I took over an entire bedroom to do what I love best: sewing, designing and decorating.


So, we take a few bird cages and gather some lace, use the glue gun and stick them on top of the cage.

Take two big satin flowers and fix them on either side.

 Add some more smaller flowers between the big ones, add ribbons and strings of small beads.

Don't forget the birds on top of the cage to finish.
I still have to look for a small climbing plant to put in the cage or a nice candle.

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