Flat Tissue Cover Tutorial

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How many more ways to hide those tissues?

These are flat tissue covers, I hid half a tissue box's
contents in it.

I used three layers of lace on each side.
Even if I tried, I couldn't add any more...

Here I will show you how I made these:
I used padded material (remember my new blanket?)
27 x 30 cm. 
On the long side I stitched bias-band to 
the sides and added this trim.

Here I stitched a long layer of lace on 
each side.

Then a shorter second layer.

Then an even shorter one..

The next step has no picture.
To hide the raw edges of the lace, 
I stitched on a wide trim.
Then I sewed Velcro on the inside as shown.
The one in the middle is the male side
and on the outsides are the females.

Now the sides can fold and result in 
the opening for the tissues.

Here I stitched 8 cm. closed on both sides.

Turned it inside out...

I stitched the side that doesn't have 
the Velcro closed.

I used half the contents of the tissue box
 in the cover.

It slides in easier if you wrap plastic
around the bundle, with an opening on top..

Now have fun decorating!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Today I will join in with 

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