Happy New Year

January 01, 2015

My Dearest Friends,

I would like to wish you all a Happy, 
Healthy and Peaceful
New Year.

Please visit me on Instagram
to see my latest work.


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Royal Baby Pram

December 28, 2014

                                       After a long time, 
                                               I managed to get my hands on a cute pram again. 
                                        I covered this sweetie with silk and many layers of pretty lace.
On each side a silk bow and decorations on the...

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Lovely Pillows and Cushions

September 27, 2014

I love my new pillows!
So shabby and sweet..

These are silk cushions covered with lace.

Linen cushions with silk rosettes,
just like the ones from Rachel..

I learned my lesson and bought the whole roll 
of this pretty floral print..
before they sell out.

This one is in white linen 
and a bit of blue silk..

I hope you have a wonderful week

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So Sweet..

September 26, 2014

Good Morning Ladies,

I would like to share this precious picture with you.
My Moses basket has never looked so comfortable.


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Sweet Babies

August 08, 2014

Hello dear ladies,
I received these wonderful pictures and would 
like to share them with you, with the owners
approval of course.. 

I am so proud to see our baby dress 
on this sweet baby.
Mother's dress is beautiful and elegant too.

Tender moments with her new little sister.

Thank you for sharing your sweet pictures with us.

Details of our latest bed cover, 
I used some Austrian lace on the panel.


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Princess Baby Bed

July 23, 2014

Today we finished this amazing baby-bed.
It is round and covered with silk and French lace.

I enjoyed making this bed, this is my first 
round bed and the tallest..
two and a half meter high!

Some of our last month creations,
Details of a crown to grace the canopy.

Sweet floral baby pouch..

Moses basket with green details.
We can send the Moses baskets overseas,
but not the wrought iron stand, because they 

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Peach sweetness.

May 22, 2014

Today I finished a few table covers to match the maternity room set to be finished soon. 
I love the way they turned out.       

Part of the set is this baby pouch. 

I hope you are having a great week. 

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Pottery Barn Moses Basket Transformation.

May 03, 2014

Today's finished project is this Moses basket from Pottery Barn. 
I covered it with layers of lace and cotton.

Here you can see the cotton baby pouch. 
It has a removable insert, perfect for laundering. 

This is my first time to use my iPhone to post this blog. 
With my new business up and running, there are hardly enough hours in a day. I hope this way I can keep blogging and stay in contact with my...

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Baby Blue and Toile

March 20, 2014

I love this sweet Baby Boy Set
The Moses basket has soft cotton toile details.

I love the crown, so tall and majestic.

I like using these padded ovals, 
they keep the curtain up a bit to give it more texture.

I used pure cotton inside the basket
 for baby's comfort.

Details of the crown..

This is our new wrought iron baby bed.
I displayed mums bed-cover in it.

I hope you have a great week,

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Our New Adventure..

March 05, 2014

For the past twenty years or so I have been 
creating and stitching in my spare bedroom, 
corridor and in one home on a closed balcony..

Now, thanks to social media and a very kind lady
who posted all my pictures on Instagram,
I have more orders than I can handle.

My daughter Nadia had a great idea and 
suggested we rent a warehouse and expand 
the business.
Now after a few months of a crazy amount of...

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Visit My Laduree Rooms

February 28, 2014

Hello Ladies,

Come and visit some magical rooms in 
Laduree's home..

Celebrate the birth of a new baby boy.
Sample the the splendour of sweets
and admire the floral displays.

This magical room is dedicated to a little princess.
Soft pinks and pastels suits her perfectly.

 Ohh! how I love my new Laduree book..


This week I will join in with

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Revisit some of my favorite pictures

February 07, 2014


Angela Lace

I thought to share a few of my favorite pictures.

Angela Lace

Valentine day is around the corner, 
so I found a few hearts to share with you.

Angela Lace: November 2010

When I have too much free time,
I go really nuts... and create fun cushions like this dress.

Marie Antoinette Dress  Angela-Lace

Let them smell roses...

   This is my favorite Moses basket!


I hope you have a wonderful 
Valentine's day!

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Perfume Bottles

October 28, 2013

Today I would like to show you
my cute perfume bottles

They are so much fun to make!
How about the grey quilt?
I love the colour, it will look so nice with 
my lace and pink silk bed-throw.

These days I have many requests to make 
fancy baby-wraps.
All cotton with a little bit of lace..

Next on the list were a few cushions..

and some tissue boxes.


On this cushion I used a vintage doily.
I love the lace on...

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Wrought Iron Baby Bed

October 15, 2013

I hope you are having a 
wonderful week.

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I am still here..

October 03, 2013

I haven't tiptoed away..
I'm still here, very quiet I know..
but work has been going on in a very fast pace..

I can hardly keep up with my orders,
so now we ( my daughter and I) are opening 
our very own warehouse/ shop/ workshop..
I am so excited about that!

I have been stitching and crafting for at least
twenty years and I have outgrown my 
spare bedroom a long time ago..

I am hoping it will all come...

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French Lace and Roses

September 08, 2013

Today I used the prettiest floral cotton 
for the inside of the baby pouch.
I love the result!

So sweet and romantic..

For the blue pouch I used French lace 
on the front panel.

I hope your week is going great.

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Embossed Silk

August 31, 2013

Today I finished covering this 
sweet Moses basket with embossed silk material.

I used off white for the colour 
and it has three layers of lace.

Here you can see the embossed flowers in the silk.
I am always on the lookout for new materials,
and Dubai has a great choice..

Next on my list was a feeding-cover.
The little flower can be moved to the right or left side.
Just a little reminder on which side the...

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Little Crown Favours

August 29, 2013

Today I added a few more favours to my website
These past few months have been great for my business,
I have a friend who was kind to advertise my work on Instagram
and since then my phone hasn't stopped ringing..

Thanks to the great response, I am now thinking of 
moving out of the spare bedroom, where I do all my sewing
and start a small shop.
Maybe in a few months time..

My head is bursting with so...

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Two Linen Moses Baskets

August 21, 2013

This week I finished a few consignments,
first a Moses basket covered with crisp linen and 
a blue silk double bow.

The second Moses basket is also covered with linen
and has gold silk bows..

I tried out some different ways to cover the 
boudoir seat, this time I used lace for the skirt.

The material I used on the seat was bought 
in France, I wish I brought back more..
We usually travel to France with...

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Eid Mubarak

August 09, 2013

Dubai is enjoying a few days of Eid Festivities.
It marks the end of Ramadan.
Add to that the blessing of new babies.
These days I did my best to finish all my orders on time.

This wrought iron baby bed I made before and 
this model will not be repeated.
I do like to change often and introduce new designs.

I love the curtain on this Moses basket,
the lace is so pretty, sadly it is not available any more..


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Two Baby Nests with Piz-zazz

August 05, 2013

I like that word.. Piz-zazz
meaning dazzling style and flair.. 
All nice words to describe these two cute
baby pouches, I love the colour my clients chose.

Soft yellow silk bows and 
I also used yellow lace under the cream one.
Can you see it peeking out?

On this pouch I used light green silk for the bows
and matching green lace.

Last Friday we participated in the ARTE market.
It was very quiet, I was told...

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August 01, 2013

On Friday my daughter Nad and me are joining 
The Artisans of the Emirates
in their bi-monthly Art & Craft Market
on the 2nd of August
from 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

I used to participate in most craft markets
here in the Emirates.
Every week, early morning, loading up the car
with all my frilly tissue-box covers and lavender
sachets.. meeting ladies from different nationalities was 
the best experience,...

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At last.. a royal baby boy..

July 22, 2013

We were all waiting for news on the Royal Baby..
It's a little boy!
I'll have to find a little princess fo this bed now..

I used silk on the outside of the bumper
and cotton on the inside.

I love the curtain tie-back,
 it has three layers of lace and does its job in style..

A royal baby won't have a simple mobile
to gaze at, I think a small chandelier will do..

I found this wonderful cotton Jacquard...

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Mocha Bed-Throw with Pearls

July 20, 2013

Today I finished a bed-cover with pillows
and a matching baby nest.
The mother-to-be requested mocha and cream,
with some pearls..

I hope I have the colour right..

I stitched each pearl with four strings of thread
onto the baby-pouch,
just to make sure they won't come off.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

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Oh! My Gosh it's a Little Boy..

July 17, 2013

Two tiny feet that wave in the air,
Two tiny hands that tug at your hair..
And an adorable little face,
A bundle of joy to love and embrace.

A cute little boy to cuddle and squeeze,
To pamper and play with and bounce on your knees.

Tiny fingers and tiny toes, 
Little itty bitty clothes,
Teddy bears and smiles of joy,
Oh! my gosh it's a little boy.


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Jackpot!... Antique Lace..

July 13, 2013

We're back from our trip to Holland.
It was auction time again and because my daughter and I
started an online BROCANTE store, we need to get 
some more one-of-a-kind treasures.

This time I won a bid on two boxes, one with 
handmade antique lace and one with vintage linen.
Most of the lace was stained, it took a few days of soaking
and washing to get it back to its original splendor.

I love this one,...

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Little Princess

June 26, 2013

This week I was busy making a bedroom set
to welcome a new baby girl.

These are still my favorite colours, Ivory and rose.
Lace and bows galore..
I love the cameos on the pillows and baby pouch.

I chose the little oval pattern on the cushion to 
match the design.

I replaced the flowers on the crown of the baby bed
 with bows.

I used my sample laces on the panel of this sweet gown.

On Saturday my daughter...

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Wrought Iron Baby Bed

June 20, 2013

 This sweet baby bed is covered with silk on the outside 
and cotton on the inside.

This bed is a good size for a newborn baby until
the age of at least five months old.

All my canopies can be reused later over a single bed
tied to a bed crown.
The skirt is removable and could be used on the front 
of a day bed..
Wow! talk about recycling.. 

I used cotton for the bedding and the lace 
is only on the outside...

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Pink Cotton Quilt

June 17, 2013

I had a call from a lady that sells quilted bedcovers 
and she knows the colours I like.

The saleslady told me that she found a few and was keeping them for me.
I was over the moon to find out they were pink!

They are made from 100% cotton even the wadding..

I know these pouches are in the way from 
taking a good look at the cover..
just look around them!

Did I mention that the pillowcases are super cute...

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Old Wives Tales..

June 11, 2013

How many times during one's pregnancy have they 
predicted if it is going to be a baby girl or baby boy..

If the mother is more graceful throughout her pregnancy,
she is having a girl. 
If she is clumsy, she is having a boy...

Oh! I like this one..
Do you feel your nose is growing and getting wider?
If so, you might be getting a boy. 

If you are craving for salty foods while pregnant
you can count on...

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Rose Boudoir Seat

June 06, 2013

After my holiday, it's back to work again and because 
most of my creations were posted by a kind lady
onto 'Instagram' I am fully booked until September...

Most requests are for these baby nests,
so I have to warn you from now
my posts are going to be quite repetitive...

I found this great waterproof liner covered with 
cotton flannel,
which is perfect to keep the baby-nest from stains.

I also received an...

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Wonderful France

June 05, 2013

We are back from a refreshing holiday in France.
This time we spend a week in Aquitaine region,
a two hours drive from Toulouse.

We stayed for seven days and it rained for 
most of it...
I love the rain!

The house we rented was amazing!
If you need a large house to have four families 
get together, this is it..

The house sits on 17 acres of private land,
with beautiful flowers and fruit trees.

My sweet...

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Sweet Wrought Iron Baby Bed

May 21, 2013

I have a long 'to do list' before traveling
on Friday night..
Yay! we're off to France and this time 
destination.. Toulouse. It will be our first time to 
this city and this year we are going a bit earlier.
We usually go to the provence area in high summer
and it is too hot for my liking, Dubai is hot enough!

Today I finished this sweet iron baby bed,
I used 'antique white silk' with rose silk bows.


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Baby Boy Shower Favours

May 15, 2013

Today I finished making these cute pocket-tissue holders.
I used golden beige silk material with three layers of lace.
I was wondering why they call it baby shower...

In Victorian times they would hide gifts in a parasol,
then when opened it would 'shower' gifts 
 for the bride-to-be.
I hope it was paper money or jewelry... 
These days the mother-to-be also gets showered with gifts.

I just love my new...

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Cotton Candy Boudoir Seat

May 10, 2013

It always takes some time to get back to work
after a refreshing holiday.
I love to be creative and make the things that are 
brewing in my head.
Today I made this sweet boudoir seat, a bit different
than the ones I made before.

The base and skirt are made of cotton seersucker 
and the puff is made of soft tulle.

How about a matching birdcage to make this 
a picture perfect...

A doily would be perfect to...

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Baby Shower Favours

May 05, 2013

I'm back from a short holiday to Holland.
I just had to be part of the celebrations that was 
going on for the new Dutch King and his lovely Queen!

Straight to work... I had to finish these baby favours 
for a client, they look so pretty! just add some sweets
and they are ready to go. 

Tiny butterflies for that special detail.

Even smaller is this little pram.

Not to forget this little bird-cage..


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